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🎬🏆 RAJKUMAR 🥰 Full Bangla Eid Movie ❤️ Apurba, Sabila Nur, Shaju Khadem — 4K Film — রাজকুমার new

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✔️ #BanglaMovie #BanglaNatok: #Apurba #ValentinesDayNatok 2020-2023 #BestNatok Rewind ❤️ This is an uncut recomposition as Apurbo new natok 2020-23 full hd of Rajkumar Movie Web Film Natok (Apurba new natok Rajkumar). It is also Sabila Nur's new natok 2020-23. Sabila Nur played an excellent role in this natok 2020-23 with Apurbo. Rajkumar full movie, also referred to as Rajkumar full webfilm, new Bangla natok 2020, full telefilm, full natok নাটক and full drama. Apurbo and Apurba refers to the same actor, e.g. Apurba New Natok, Apurba New Natok 2020. New is literal meaning new natok 2020 full HD Apurba. Rajkumar natok Apurbo's Bangla রাজকুমার নাটক. The new natok 2020 Apurbo had a great impact during Eid. Natok 2020 Apurbo/Apurba's act was authentic and realistic for natok 2020. Broadcast quality full HD and 4K UHD. Also Shaju Khadem's role was brilliant for natok with Apurba. Rajkumar Bangla Natok 2020 from Jafreen Studio Natok collection written by Jafreen Sadia and produced by Jafreen Studio for Valentine's and Eid ul Azha's get great reviews and critical acclaims. Natok 2020, Apurbo Natok, Eid ul Adha Natok is a must watch.

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✔️ 𝐑𝐀𝐉𝐊𝐔𝐌𝐀𝐑 (রাজকুমার) 💝 — encapsulates a story of passion, perseverance and integrity . Also referred to as Telefilm/Webfilm/বাংলা নাটক. Starring Apurba (Apurbo), Sabila Nur and Saju Khadem.

Story & Script: Jafreen Sadia
Direction: Rubel Hasan

Cast : Ziaul Faruque Apurba, Sabila Nur, Shaju Khadem, Pial & More.
Child Artist: Anonda, Zayan, Lipi;
Director of Photography: Kamrul Islam Shuvo;
Edit & Color: Shaon Ahmed Shishir; Jafreen Sadia
Music : Nirjo Habib, Hridoy Hasin, Nasif Oni
Music/Sound Design: Creative Creations, London;
Publicity Design : Jafreen Sadia
Executive Producer: Jay Al-Dīīn;
Producer: Jafreen Sadia;
Investment Partner: Rusailee Sayeed;
Produced by: J S Creations.

SONG: "Rajkumar"
Singer: Nirjo Habib;
Songwriter: Jafreen Sadia;
Lyrics: Jafreen Sadia & Rownacur Salyhen
Tune: Nirjo Habib & Hridoy Hasin;
Music: Hridoy Hasin & Sayem Rahman;
Song Supervision: Nirjo Habib;

Executive Producer: Jay Al-Dīīn;
Producer: Jafreen Sadia;
Investment Partner: Rusailee Sayeed;
Produced by: J S Creations.

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Following Song (Partial) Cover by Nirjo Habib, recomposed and performed under international fair use policy.

SONG (Cover, Partial): "Vengeche Pinjor"
Singer: Nirjo Habib
Re Music arrangement: Nasif Oni
Supervision: Nirjo Habib

Country of origin (Bangladesh) Copyright Act
Cover song used here falls under the “Fair Use” as described in The Copyright Act 2000 Law No. 28 of the year 2000 of Bangladesh under Chapter 6, Section 36 and Chapter 13 Section 72.

#Natok #Natok2020

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RAJKUMAR (রাজকুমার) 💝 FULL MOVIE in 4K (Ultra HD)

Chapter 01: 00:00:00
Chapter 02: 00:06:16
Chapter 03: 00:12:23
Chapter 04: 00:15:09
Chapter 05: 00:21:20
Chapter 06: 00:26:30
Chapter 07: 00:31:01
Chapter 08: 00:38:31
Chapter 09: 00:46:43
Chapter 10: 00:52:58
Chapter 11: 00:58:22
Chapter 12: 01:03:00
Chapter 13: 01:07:18
Chapter 14: 01:13:26
Chapter 15: 01:19:10
Chapter 16: 01:24:42
Chapter 17: 01:30:04
Chapter 18: 01:35:37
Chapter 19: 01:40:16
Chapter 20: 01:45:00
Chapter 21: 01:50:00
Chapter 22: 01:54:03
Chapter 23: 02:06:20
Chapter 24: 02:09:38
Chapter 25: 02:13:02
Chapter 26: 02:15:26

Copyright © 2018-2020 Jafreen Studio™, J S Creations™ & Sadia Jafreen. All rights reserved. Ownership of this video is protected by copyright and other applicable laws. Any unauthorised reproduction, duplication, distribution or exhibition of this video is a direct violation of applicable laws and could result in criminal prosecution as well as civil liability.

⚠️ Warning ⚠️
In order to avoid copyright infringement, please do not upload this video on your channel.💚

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