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Change Netflix Quality Settings! Watch Netflix Videos in Full HD or 4K! 1080p Not Working On Chrome!

0 Views· 10/07/23

Quick tutorial to help you guys resolve if you are having low quality videos issues while trying to stream from Netflix. While Netflix works on Google Chrome and many other browsers out there like Firefox, there are some settings that people are not aware of that can enhance your Netflix streaming experience. Most people are not aware that what they are watching is not Full HD or 4K video just because they did not know of the settings or the right browser they should be using.

I have laid out the steps that will help you go from low quality videos to watching videos in full quality.
Get to know how you can check your resolution, what browser you should be using, what streaming quality settings you should be using.

I came to know about this issue when I was trying to investigate why I had bad video quality watching videos on Netflix even though I was paying for premium service and surprisingly there is no notification while playing video from Netflix on how to have the best Netflix experience! No more bad video quality!

Please note that if you have a really slow internet connection (slow download speeds) then you might have buffering issues when trying to play Netflix 4K, but try these steps out and let me know how they work for you! Netflix minimum recommended speeds are 0.5 mbps but if you want SD quality then Netflix recommends 3.0 mbps connection. In case of HD you would need 5.0 mbps and for Ultra HD (4K) experience it goes to a minimum of 25 mbps!

These steps do force Netflix to play in the max resolution possible (could be 1920x1080 or 4K depending on the screen and device) You will also be able to confirm and tell if netflix is streaming full hd/4k or not.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions!

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